Tired of hiking up your leggings? we were too!

Home of the non-slip leggings

Ribbed leggings are now available in Espresso.

Deep Dive Blue and Onyx

Bestie Biker Shorts

Are now available in 10" and 6" inseams!

This just in

Lite WindBreakers

In Emerald and Onyx!

Our patent-pending design

Up-tight Leggings

Our OG leggings will increase circulation and make you sweat without having to readjust mid workout.

this just in

Boyfriend ZIP-UPS

Now here in Lavendar and Onyx

did someone say


Are back

and now available in Pepper, Onyx and Brunette.

Formation Joggers

are now available in Onyx, Pepper and Forest.

Emerald and Onyx

Boyfriend hoodies

Have been restocked!


Power Through All Your Workouts

Empowering Women
To Conquer the World

Falling for Fall

Colours that create a cozy and stylish seansonal ensemble

No Budge, No Fuss

Find Out What Makes Arro Up-Tight Leggings So Special

Silicone Panel

Whether you are crushing deep squats, hitting the trails or running errands there’ll be no stopping to hike these leggings up! The silicone in our leggings ensures an extra good sweat, amping up the thermogenic benefits of your workout.

Pet Hair Resistant

Proud owners of fur babies? These leggings are your new best friend. Our no-cling fabric won’t attract pet hair so you can leave the house without worrying about an extra layer coming with you.

4 Inch Wasitband

Hold it all in with our extra wide waistband. The curve hugging 4 inches flatters every body.

Patent Pending

When Farro envisioned her perfect leggings she knew they had to be different. Enter the patent pending silicone waistband. Rest assured your Arro leggings will stay in place with this revolutionary technology.

The Arro Story

Made By Women,
For Women

We built our brand based on what we wanted, what flattered our curves, and what gave us the most confidence to power through our work outs.